Wednesday, 16 June 2010

David Wilcock Interviews Graham Hancock

Must see interview! Two great minds in one room, David Wilcock interviews Graham Hancock. I was surprised to learn many people who follow Davids's work had not heard of Graham Hancock. I think its was Graham Hancock that really changed the way I viewed history and ancient monuments. I read Fingerprint of the Gods about 5 years ago and can highly recommend people seek out a copy of Heavens Mirror. Graham has written many books now, all well researched, backed up by hard facts and science and he actually travels to these places to investigate.

This is a really good interview for those who know him or those who want to know more. He starts with the mysterious Ark of the Covenant then moves on to his discoveries while researching ancient advanced civilizations and sunken ruins around the world. Learn more about the controversy surrounding the underwater buildings off Cuba and what the mainstream archeologists make to his work. Learn how altered states of consciousness and shamanism come into play with his more recent works. Most of all educate yourself!

Photos of the gigantic ancient stone blocks at Baalbek weighing an estimated 1200 tons...

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  1. Great interview, thank you for sharing. I'd also recommend the work of Michael Hayes: The Hermetic Code in DNA.

  2. Oh I have never heard of this book before, thank you Helena